Writing a Great Book Report

When it comes to writing, it is likely to take a lot of time and research, before you even sit down at your computer to write. However, in the case of book reports this isn’t true. You, of course, have to do some initial reading, but once you have read the assigned book, you can start writing almost immediately. However, the question remains, ‘how do you score an A on your report?’
When writing your report, one of the first things to consider, other than what the book is about, is how the book relates to you. As a starting point, one must analyze the book for its purpose and main point. Read important chapters and passages at least twice to learn as much as you can about the motivations of the main characters. Make notes as you read and once you have made adequate notes consider how the book relates to you. A well thought essay that is related to the writer is likely to impress most teachers.
Having thoroughly gone over the book while making notes, and having considered how the book relates to your own life, you can get started with writing your book report. Surprisingly, writing is the easy part. Your report will start with an introduction that explains what you are going to say followed by the body, which consists of three to four supporting paragraphs that detail your views on the book and speak about how the book relates to you. Lastly, write a conclusion that summarizes everything and makes the reader laugh or think. Include tidbits from the book and if you quote something, be sure to confirm with your teacher if a citation is required. When writing, do explain why certain passages reflect your own life and why they are important to you.
Once you have finished writing your report, your task is almost complete. Always proofread your work once you are through with it. Also, if you have time, create a cover sheet for your report and if you haven’t already typed it, then do so. Initially, writing a book report could seem to be a challenging task, but in all honesty, once you get down to writing it, it doesn’t take much time at all.

By PaperSuccess At October 27, 2017