Write a Perfect Conclusion for your Research Paper

The conclusion of a research paper has to recapitulate the purpose and show the results obtained during the research process. Every conclusion is different depending on the complexity of the topic and how well you are able to defend it. Failing to provide specific details in the conclusion can herm the significance of the paper.

Don’t restate information

Never waste precious writing space in describing the topic as it has been conveyed in the previous sections. Come straight to the point by addressing a specific issue and further interpret the evidence obtained from the methods and methodology used in writing the research paper. Spend significant space on illuminating the results of the research and do not stop until it proves the legitimacy of your thesis statement.

Focus on methods and methodology

There should not be any new information included in the paper. Instead, point out the key elements of the research process and justify their correlation to the results. Including a call to action in the conclusion means that you acknowledge the intricacy of the topic and would encourage further research on the subject. Research papers which indicate literary criticism do not typically need a call to action, however, some more general issues like the effect of climate change on rice production of a country should suitably be ended with a call to action.

Voice your own opinion

A research paper is supposed to be a compilation of legitimized previous studies on the subject, therefore at no point during a paper, you are allowed to voice your own opinion. Everything is referenced and indicate a specific argument in the favor of your thesis statement. The conclusion is the only section where you are allowed to voice your opinion on the matter briefly. Don’t get overexcited and just stick to what has already been proven, instead of making exaggerated claims.  It is important that you mention your viewpoint as you have dedicated your precious time for the research.

By PaperSuccess At October 31, 2017