How to Write an Awesome Essay

Students often feel apprehensive at the thought of writing an essay. No matter what the purpose of writing the paper is- be it for a class, for a contest or even for a scholarship – the task may seem daunting to a student. By breaking the task of writing a paper into manageable parts, the task can be made easier. Following the process given below can make it easier to draft and awesome paper:

Select a Topic

You could be assigned a topic or you might have the choice of picking a topic yourself. If you have already been given a topic then you need to think about the kind of essay you want to write. Do you want to write a general overview of the topic or do you want to write a specific analysis?
If you have been given the option to select a topic yourself then you have a little bit more work to do. However, you are at an advantage since you can choose a topic that interests you and one that you already have information on. When choosing a topic, the first step is to define the purpose of your essay. Are you writing to inform or to persuade?
Once you have determined the purpose of your paper, the next thing to do is to research on topics that interest you. Think over subjects that interest you and jot them down.
Having jotted down a few options, its time to evaluate your options. If your purpose is to inform or educate then it is best to choose a topic that you are well aware about. If your purpose is to persuade then pick a topic that you are passionate about. Irrespective of what the purpose is, make sure that the topic you choose is one that you are highly interested in.

Organize Your Thoughts by Making a Star Chart or an Outline

In order to write an awesome paper, it is important that you organize your thoughts. It is easy to clearly see links and connections between points and ideas once you have jotted them down. To organize your ideas you can write an outline or draw a diagram. The outline or diagram will serve as the basis of your essay.
A star map of our ideas can be created by writing the topic in the middle of the page and then drawing lines branching off the topic. At the end of these lines you will write the main ideas. To include any other ideas that you may have that are related to the main ideas you can draw more lines off the main ideas.
If you don’t want to create a star map, you can create an outline. To create an outline, write the topic at the top of the page and then list the main ideas beneath the topic. Leave space beneath each main idea for you to explore more ideas. Creating an outline allows you to write an organized essay.

The Thesis Statement

The next step after creating an outline or a star map is to write a thesis statement. The reason for writing a thesis statement is to let the reader know what the point of your paper is. You can find out what to write as your thesis statement by taking a look at your star map or outline and observing what the main ideas are.
The thesis statement is made up of two parts; the first part is the topic while the second part is the point of the paper.

The Body

The body is supposed to describe or explain the topic that you have opted to write about. Within the body of your essay, the main ideas that you jotted down in your star map or outline each become a separate paragraph.
The basic structure of each paragraph in the body will remain the same. Start the paragraph by stating one of your main ideas as the introductory sentence of the paragraph. Follow the introductory sentence by writing your supporting ideas in sentence format, leaving a few lines between each point so as you can come back and add examples to back up your statements.

The Introduction

Having written the thesis statement and the body of your essay, the next step is to write an introduction. The introduction is supposed to grab the readers’ attention and it is also meant to outline the focal point of the paper.
It is best to begin your paper with an attention grabber. A story, a quote, a dialogue a surprising fact or statistic can be used. The introduction’s last sentence should be your thesis statement so ensure that your beginning is related to that.

The Conclusion

The conclusion should consist of a review or a brief summary of all the main points of the paper. In the conclusion, make sure to reinforce your thesis statement. The conclusion should be of 3-5 lines.


Once you have completed your essay, read through it with due diligence and rectify any spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure that the paper makes sense and that each idea is linked to the next; the paper should have a natural flow. It is a good idea to have someone else proofread your paper.

By PaperSuccess At September 12, 2017