Tips to Write a Brilliant Essay

The first step to writing an essay is to identify the essay-type. You can choose from Opinion Essays, ‘For and Against’ Essays, Letters to the Editor and Providing Solutions to Problems. Before writing your piece, study the major features of each type.
Once you have identified the essay-type that you have to write, get down to work. Writing a paper may seem like a tough task but in reality it is really quite simple if you follow a few general guidelines. Here are a few tips to help you write a brilliant paper:

  1. Brainstorm for ideas to be used in your paper.

Do not hesitate when starting to write your essay. Take your time to ponder about the ideas that you want to include in your paper and jot them down roughly at first so that you have all the ideas in front of you before you start writing. You can use a star map to jot down your thoughts. A star map is a method of brainstorming whereby you write the main idea in the center of the paper and then branch out ideas as they occur to you.


  1. Organize your thoughts.

Group all the ideas that you came up with during brainstorming. Mark off any irrelevant points and then organize all the points in a logical order.


  1. Write your essay.

Organize your ideas in accordance to separate paragraphs that will form an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.
The introduction should be a short paragraph which briefly outlines what the paper is all about. The introduction should be attention grabbing so as the reader is motivated to read the rest of the paper.
The body of the paper should be of three or more paragraphs where you develop the points related to the subject of your paper.
The conclusion of your paper is a summary of the main idea(s).

  1. Editing and proofreading

Before submitting your paper read through it a couple of times. Look for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Make sure there are no redundant phrases.
Follow these steps and you will have a brilliant paper to hand in.

By PaperSuccess At August 19, 2017