Thesis writing tips for effective time management

Thesis writing tips for effective time management


Let’s admit it, thesis writing is hard, and you need more than inspiration to submit a research backed report that is literally the size of books you avoid reading. Who would have imagined putting you through such a difficult task to pass your degree program? Well, like it or not, that is the reality these days. As much as you hate spending hours reading and typing academic literature, you have no option but to pass your thesis project to get your certificate. Well, thesis writing is time consuming, and I mean it. You have to spend months on compiling your thesis and even that might not be sufficient as the due date closes in. To help you manage your time effectively, I have complied a few thesis writing tips. You find many thesis writing tips online but hardly anyone writes about time management; well it is perhaps the most important elements of thesis writing.


Do a test run


If you need to find out how long you need to complete your thesis project, you first need to determine how long it takes you to read stuff and extract information from it. This thesis writing tip will help you breakdown your thesis project by pages and give you a rough estimate on how many hours or days you need to complete your project.

Thesis writing tips for effective time management



Make a timeline


Create a realistic timeline; do not expect to do a lot of reading and writing on your project. Thesis writing can be a drag and would bore you quickly. So limit your reading and writing to a couple of hours per day and make a timeline for that. This will help your project to create a pathway to the finish line.

Thesis writing tips for effective time management



Follow the timeline


The last part is a bit difficult, I admit. Following a timeline you created makes you feel you are in control of things and can bend a few rules to take some time off, however, don’t! Always stick to your timeline no matter what. Create some milestones and reward yourself once you achieve them, it will keep you motivated.



By PaperSuccess At June 2, 2017