Simplifying Research Proposals for Beginners

Research is part and parcel of educational platform , where you will get many research projects during your academic tenure. You would need to conduct independent research on various topics and gather information on them. One important requirement for a research project is a research proposal.

Simplifying Research Proposals for Beginners

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Students need to submit research proposals and get them approved by the supervisor before proceeding for the actual project.

Simplifying Research Proposals for Beginners

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Research proposal is nothing but a research plan of your project. It is like a blueprint stating your major activities and plans for the actual research project. It includes your chosen topic and the research methodology you would opt for to gather data. Therefore, it can be summed as the declaration of your research project.

Many students face trouble with following their research proposal once it is approved. This is because they incorporate excessive information and procedures to get approval, which makes the final project complex and difficult to complete.

Simplifying Research Proposals for Beginners


A research proposal might not necessarily get you marks for putting in many commitments. In reality, it is the actual project, which will get you the grade on your final exam. Therefore, setting unrealistic goals and including numerous methodologies is a recipe to disaster. This will eventually increase the time required to complete the research project.

It is best to keep you research proposal to the point and concise. It is advised to use bullet points for broad terms. Try to keep the project focused, otherwise you would be forced to  change your method. It is always better to play safe and keep your research proposals simple.

Mention the basic course of action you intend to take during your research including the type of research or your thesis statement. However, do not indulge in excessive commitments, which will make it difficult for you to complete later on.



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