Why Schools Fail To Develop Research Paper Writing Skills?

College life can be overwhelming as you have a lot of academic pressure with so many subjects to handle, extra circular activities to manage, and above all, social pressure to deal with.
In doing all this, some students find themselves attempting to write a research paper at the last minute. That’s when they wonder why school never focused on this crucial writing skill.
Why Schools Fail To Develop Research Paper Writing Skills?

There can be many reasons as to why schools don’t develop research skills, but it is mainly because there are already too many subjects to learn at schools. Besides, your school essays and papers are just like practice runs for thesis and research writing. So, while you may not have paid much attention back then, there is still a lot you can do to ace this task.
Let’s look at some ways students can achieve that.

Plan, Plan and Plan

Students need to make a plan and timeline of what they need to do in order to complete the paper. This way, they’ll be able to break the project down and make it less daunting for them. Setting goals makes it a more rewarding and less stressful experience for all students, be it a high achiever or someone who lacks motivation. Planning will help students on either spectrum while writing a research paper.

Break the Process

Planning well in advance gives you enough cushion to work on your paper in chunks, and in the meantime, conduct thorough research.  While making a plan, the first thing on your list should be collecting background information on your topic and making a list of all the relevant sources. Students need to remember that a lot of effort goes into putting a paper together, which is why they should start making a plan shortly after the research paper is assigned to them.

Don’t Procrastinate

Students should give themselves ample amount of time in advance while working on a paper. It’ll help students keep a clear mind while working. Being focused will help students stay on a track, if their minds are wandering off somewhere else then the quality of work produced will be effected. It’s important for students to remember that research can take a significant amount of time. Students tend to believe they work best under pressure but they should avoid procrastination as last minute things can pop up without any warning.

Planning ahead and managing time when writing a research paper gives students a better chance to successfully complete the paper and will help in balancing other commitments.

By PaperSuccess At June 17, 2017