Planning Process Involved In Writing a Term Paper

There are relentless tools and techniques proposed by professionals in the field but no one would actually talk about critical planning process that guarantees an A+ grade. As we review the term paper drafts sent in by students, we see same pattern and formulas repeated over and over again.
The outdated approach was clearly reflected in their research that followed a circular path having no head and tail. They shadowed few little things that indicated their lack of planning in constructing the research. Planning is a very crucial process, if dealt properly can ease the writers throughout their research.
Planning Process Involved In Writing a Term Paper

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Here are some key steps in research and planning that can help you write and present something unique and extraordinary.


During the initial reflecting phase, as a writer, you need to highlight what things you are going to include in the beginning, middle and end. Understanding your own feelings and thoughts before commencing with the research is very important.

Back to Planning

Here at this point, you need to identify a topic area of your research and identify your target audience for which you are going to addresses the issue. Outline that serves as a blueprint for your research makes things convenient for the writers to execute their research.


Developing an understanding of the topic play a significant role right in the beginning of your research. It is recommended to locate and collect useful information from different sources such as books/reference books, expert opinions, etc. Select, evaluate, and review the information that seem to align with your subject matter.


Narrowing down the topic and developing a focus that can be expressed in one or two sentences makes a deliberate attempt to establish a focus for the research topic. Choosing pertinent information and recording it on initial drafts would help you to make connections and inferences in your term paper.


Organizing all the accumulated information in a logical manner creates a final product in the form of a final thesis. Revise and edit the context in the end if it doesn’t fit your argument.


The final document must be revealing. It must communicate with the target audience in a presentable form. Just try your best to demonstrate appropriate audience behavior, making things convenient for the readers.


In the end, writers should be able to understand the objective well and question the evaluation process,  sharing their feelings and thoughts about the process. This will help you in evaluating the final product that is your term paper.

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