An Overview-Master’s Dissertation Proposal

One of the most common questions asked by postgraduate applicants is, “how do I write an effective research proposal?”

Unlike an essay, a Master’s Dissertation Proposal is a document that comprises of a concise and coherent summary of your proposed research. The central issues or the indented questions are outlined, debated, and logically explained before drawing up hypothesis or conclusions around the stated topic.

Master’s Dissertation Proposal

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A dissertation can be submitted in support of any academic degree such as a Master’s program. It may also be  for the sake of professional qualification presenting an author’s research or finding. There is no quick way of constructing your thesis arguments and structuring your project. It requires a systematic method of collecting, analyzing, examining and interpreting the primary and secondary data into supporting your research topic.

A proposal is created as an outline of what the dissertation will cover and from which perspective.

What Should It Include?

You need to carefully look for the requirements specified by the professor of the relevant course or go through the website of the university you’re applying for. Many universities have a very specific research criteria for writing a Master’s Dissertation Proposal but most of the universities have a standard or universally acceptable structure that includes:

Title/Abstract and Introduction

Usually, for the Masters or Ph.D. level research students, the topic is discussed and approved through university’s research board. A careful selection of title often helps in making it more appealing for the researchers.

An abstract is a one pager brief summary of what you’re going to cover in your research proposal. A strong valid introduction leaves a good impression on the reader’s mind.

Literature Review/Research Questions/Methodology

A literature review reveals what developments on the topic have been concluded by researchers previously. Research question(s) eases a researcher throughout the course of writing a Master’s Dissertation Proposal and address to the problems that are identified and derived through your literature review. Methodology defines how things are going to be whilst delivering value to the readers.

Ethical Consideration/Summary and Conclusion(S)

BE sure to add references and give proper acknowledgments to the sources of data collection. Summary summates the central points and conclusion highlights all the essential aspects of the whole research proposal.

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