How to Make a Killer PowerPoint Presentation

Like any great sales pitch, a PowerPoint presentation offers a compelling narrative; it stimulates an emotive response from the audience, even if the topic is hard to explain. The purpose is to engage your listeners, keep them focused, and use visual imagery to deliver the message.
Creating a great PowerPoint is simpler than you may think. You don’t have to be a professional designer or an expert to create an attention grabbing presentation. What you need is a little bit of imagination and to find a way to grab the audience’s attention. .
Most of the professionals who create PowerPoint presentation would say that it must have a story. Without it, your words become dreary and monotonous. The presentation should have a beginning, middle and a proper ending. There has to be a method to which you present the presentation.
There is 10/20/30 rule that most presenters have followed with great success. The presentation should have no more than 10 slides, should not last for more than 20 minutes and the font must not be smaller than 30. Following this rule is really effective because it is the most optimum distribution of resources you have during a presentation.
Less is always more in a PowerPoint presentation. The audience surely does not want to read paragraphs of text that is barely visible due to the small font. Their interest is probably lost the minute they see loads of text in a slide. Always remember that your slides are just there to aid you in explaining the point. The rest is up to what you say that is going to convince the audience about your viewpoint.
Your audience needs to digest the info. Don’t be afraid to dawdle on a slide or create a slide with just one picture. Taking risks will help sell your presentation to the audience, and will stray them out of melancholy.

By PaperSuccess At August 24, 2017