Importance of Working on Book Reports

English teachers assigning their students to write a book report is a common activity. Every summer vacation, students a given a list of books to read and write a report on it. Students often grouse and complain about having to read a book and write on it.

It may not seem so, but there is significant importance of working on these reports.

  • Develops your reading habits

Working on a book review is a great way for students to develop and get into the habit of reading.  They are able to explore new authors of new genres. A lot of students who don’t like to read start finding themselves to enjoy reading books.

  • Improves your writing skills

A student’s writing skills are greatly improved when they start working on their reports. They are better able to understand the correct usage of grammar and sentence structures.

  • Expanding of comprehension skills

Working on a book report is a great way to helps develop one’s comprehension skills. Students are able to better understand and process the storyline while reading. Book reviews are an excellent way to build a student’s reading comprehension skills.

  • Increase in vocabulary

When a student is reading, they might come across some words that are new to them. When you are assigned to write a book review, take it as a great opportunity to show your increased vocabulary.

  • Development of analysis skills

Book reports are a great way to develop a student’s analytical and thinking skills. They are able to form an evaluation and give their own point of view. The conclusion section of a book review requires the writer to give their opinion about what they thought about the book.

  • Builds inspiration to become an author someday

A student can even dream of writing their own book someday.

By PaperSuccess At February 7, 2018