The Importance of a Proper Term Paper Introduction

Have you ever wondered why it is that no matter which book you pick up and open, it always starts with some form of ‘introduction? It does not matter if the book is in the form of a hard copy or if you’re reading it online, or even if you’re hearing the audio version, the first thing you will come across is an introduction. Same is the case with a term paper.

Introduction is important as it can make or break what comes after. If the introduction is not catchy and compelling, the reader won’t bother continuing to read till the end, or even make it halfway across. A research without an introduction is like a milkshake without sugar, you won’t want to drink the entire mug after you take that first sip.

The importance of an introduction cannot be stressed enough when it comes to academic writing assignments. The introduction contains the gist of all the concepts you have explained or theories you will use in your term paper. It has the power to make a reader read till he/she reaches the references list or turn away to another source that makes more sense to them.

For a reader looking for a paper on specific topics, an introduction is a huge help. He/she is browsing the Internet or poring over books trying to get the most relevant information detached to use for their own projects, and they don’t spend more than a minute on one piece of work unless they realize it has worthy information. In that small a time frame, what do you think they read?

That’s right, the introduction! As mentioned before, the introduction contains the main points of the entire paper, and it is through the introduction that a reader realizes whether or not he/she needs to pore over the entire work.

So imagine if your term paper has an introduction that is haphazardly developed and provides no clarity into the topic discussed in the term paper, or worse still, imagine if it has no introduction at all, how far do you believe that your paper will go?

Besides being nagged by your professors about the unprofessionalism of the term paper, you won’t get it publish it anywhere.

An introduction is a crucial part of setting the tone of the term paper. It can be seen as a pre mini summary for the reader as it’ll help them understand what the paper is about. So, be careful when writing the introduction of your term paper. The success of the entire document depends on that one pager.

By PaperSuccess At July 19, 2017