How to Write a Literary Essay

Literature is a very dignified genre that demands to be addressed in a particular way. The Literary Essay is not a summary of any given literary work, but it is a critical analysis and your interpretation of the text in question. You need to justify your analysis by giving reference from the context. Develop elements such as your interpretation of the plot setting themes etc. It is your  analysis as the writer presented in an adequately structured format.



  • Use the correct title page format on the first page.
  • Mention your name, your instructor’s name, the course, and the date.
  • Your starting paragraph should be the most captivating and interesting.
  • Try to explain your essay’s angle in the first paragraph.
  • Choose your words wisely.
  • Try not to drag your sentences. Short sentences are smart and effective.
  • Introduce your topic and specific direction of your essay.
  • Example: pride and prejudice by Jane Austen presents prejudice and Victorian society’s double standards.


Paper Structure


  • Divide your arguments structurally into distinctive paragraphs.
  • Your paper should be composed of paragraphs that highlight all the questions you’ve raised and answers them accordingly.
  • Each paragraph should end with a linking sentence that introduces the next paragraph’s content.
  • In order to prove your statements use examples and citations (quotes) from the literary work to validate your statements.
  • Once a quote is cited, you must provide your interpretation; how this quote is relevant to the development of the topic of your essay.
  • Quotes cannot end paragraphs.They must be explored for reference only.




  • The first sentence of the conclusion is a much more defined thesis statement.
  • Don’t insert any new information in the concluding paragraph.
  • Highlight the most important points to further validate your argument.
  • The conclusion is your last chance to prove your opinion to the reader!
  • Make a final concluding point that ends the paper with authority.
By PaperSuccess At October 6, 2017