How to Rectify a Bad Dissertation Claim?

A dissertation statement is the first step towards outlining the role of your research as it highlights your perspective and approach on a certain topic.

Generally, a strong and focused approach makes the process easier for you to conduct your research, express, and share the main idea by defining your position on the topic. In essays or doctrate-level research, you need a strong start to present your views on the topic based on personal/expert opinions, secondary researches, reference books, and other credible resources.

A strong claim right in the beginning would grab readers’ attention and make them stick to the topic a little longer until you make further arguments and track them down with logical explanations. Not all dissertation statements have the same impact. Here are few key factors that differentiate a good statement from a bad one.

General vs. Specific

A weak statement has vague or broad scope into the subject matter, whereas, a good statement has a narrow or focused approach that highlights specific details into the research topic. Finding a perfect one may seem tricky but it’s possible. You need to provide sufficient information on the topic, especially your potential arguments. For example, “People need food to survive or else they would die”. This is not a claim; it is a fact.
Just try to focus on the specific details, valid arguments, and their commendable evidence but remember an overly specific dissertation statement might also not intrigue the readers.

Clarity vs. Vagueness

Most of the researchers try to convince their audience in the body of the essay. It is totally fine but are you sure your reader would reach that point? Why risk it? It is ideal to make clear, well thought out statements and describe your position on the topic in clearly defined words. You need to focus more on the side you have chosen but also include some of the information related to the other side of the story as well. Your perspective and take on the topic must be well-defined.

A Winning Tip

Once you’re done with writing down the dissertation statement, evaluate its strength and involve others in opposing your viewpoints on the thesis. This would greatly help to improve your thesis if required in the light of valuable criticism or feedback.

By PaperSuccess At June 12, 2017