How to Pick a Great Thesis Topic: Asking the Right Questions

How to pick a great thesis topic is a question that bothers every research student. Coming up with a great topic for your thesis is not as easy as it looks. There are various factors which have to be kept under consideration, before finalizing the topic. A good idea is not the only thing required to make your thesis come alive. And the correct thesis topic can contribute a lot to making your thesis stand out from the rest. There are various questions that you should ask yourself before finalizing the thesis topic. Following are some questions that will help you answer how to pick a great thesis topic:

How to Pick a Great Thesis Topic: Asking the Right Questions



  • What are your interests in the discipline you’re studying?

Choosing a topic which not only interests you but is also related to your course is a win win situation. Not only would this hold your interest when you’re writing thesis, the topic would also appeal to your professor.

  • Are there some topics which you would like to avoid?

There are probably some topics which you would like to avoid. Don’t choose a topic just because you think your professor would approve of it. Choosing a topic which does not appeal to you will only put you off from working on it.

  • What methods do you like to use for researching?

Pick a thesis topic which makes use of research methods that appeal to you. If you choose a topic which requires a method you are not familiar with or one which is not easy to execute, the decision will haunt you for a long time to come.  Therefore, a significant part in answering the question about how to pick a great thesis topic is to figure out what interests you.

  • What theories are the most clear to you?

During the lectures, there are some theories which you understand better than the others. Choose these theories to be the center of the topic. This will save you time, as you will already have an idea about what they are all about. You would also be able to work on them in a better way. Use the four questions above to come up with a thesis topic which will yield better results. Not only would you be interested in writing about it but it would also interest your professor.


By PaperSuccess At June 15, 2017