Four Tips to Overcome Procrastination and Complete Your Thesis on Time

When students are assigned a thesis, they tend to think they have a lot of time before they have to submit it. They keep delaying working on it until the last moment. This is called procrastination and it is something we all have faced in our academic life.

Procrastination is so common a problem that it seems it comes naturally to anyone who has something important to do. However, even if that is true, it doesn’t mean it is unmanageable.

Here are four tips to help you overcome procrastination and avoid the last minute anxiety that destroys your grades.


1.    Plan Your Study Time

It is important that you make a weekly schedule of when you are going to sit down to work on your thesis. It is advisable to allot long sessions of at least three hours each so that you can focus on your work. Try to schedule a time when you do not have any other pressing commitments that are likely to take precedence over your work. Make a proper timetable and stick to it religiously.

2.    Minimize Distractions

When you sit down to write your thesis put away anything that is likely to distract you. One of the major distractions these days is your mobile phone. So put it away in a drawer and vow not to touch it till you have achieved a substantial milestone in the completion of your thesis.

3.    Sleep Well

It is extremely important that you sleep well the nights before you are to work on your paper. Sleeping well reduces procrastination because you are less likely to feel lazy and lethargic. Therefore, it is best to go to bed early and sleep for at least 7-8 hours.

4.    Stay Active

Exercising is perhaps the most important thing you can do if you want to stop procrastinating. By exercising, you energize yourself as the blood flow increases in your body, and your brain gets more active given that dopamine levels increase.
So, prevent procrastination from the very beginning and you are sure to complete your thesis efficiently and on time.

By PaperSuccess At October 16, 2017