Creative Ways to Concoct a Cohesive “College Admission Essay”

What is even more stressful than achieving a good SAT score? Yeah, you guessed it right! A college admission essay. This one paper is what it all comes down to. This is what makes or breaks your college application. There are some key factors that should be very clear in your essay. Here is a breakdown of the things to keep in mind when writing a college admission essay.

 Creative Content.

This is where you need to show your creativity. Where it is imperative to not show over confidence and arrogance, it is also not the time for modesty. You need to highlight every aspect of your personality, your strengths and your skills. Sure your academic record is a shining star but where every other candidate has that factor, your impeccably written essay is what sets you apart from the rest. The admission officers are not going to be impressed just by your academics but with your creativity and your strong presentation skills.

Distinct Diction.

Being creative and witty is ideal but that needs to be done smartly. Your word play defines you as a person, highlights your educational background and shows your determination about scoring admission in the said school.

Choose your words wisely. Casual diction with loosely structured essay is the worst mistake you’ll ever make. Strong diction gives an insight to your intellect. If you are an international student it verifies that you do have a strong command over your English skills.

Try not to use casual diction but replace your everyday words with better synonyms.
For example:
I thank you for giving me this chance to prove myself.

Sounds much better as:

I thank you for giving me this opportunity to prove myself.

Now is the time to revise your SAT vocabulary words and incorporate them in your essay

Never swear or use slang in your paper!

Revisit and Revise

Read, proofread and then read some more. Typos, spelling mistakes, lack of punctuation are deal breakers.

When you think you have read and reread your paper enough times ask someone else to read your paper. A second opinion might give you fresh and creative ideas. You know what you are trying to portray but getting someone else’s insight might show you where you lack conviction.

Finally let’s revisit and revise.

Grammar, diction and organization.  The three key factors that make for a perfect admission paper

By PaperSuccess At September 27, 2017