How to Compose a Perfect Essay

Throughout your academic career, you  are required to compose essays. You may be assigned a topic  during examinations or may have to do an assignment on the topic of your choice. Whatever the case is, the basic writing principals remain the same. This blog will explain the methods to go about writing on any kind of topic.


The quality of any written piece depends on the depth of research that was done while writing it. You can quickly head on to the research if you are assigned a topic but if a topic is not assigned you would need to research a topic first. The number of sources you choose for the research depends on the details your instructor wants you to include in an essay. The most common research sources include research papers, articles, journals, news articles, books and government publications. Usually, you would be required to search through 2-3 of the above-mentioned sources before you start with the writing process.

Analyze other essays

During your research, you will come across many other essays as well. You must analyze them carefully for structure and the use of vocabulary. A perfect piece of writing would include a wide range of vocabulary and well-structured sentences. Reading other essays can help you to gather your thoughts and follow a unique style of writing to impress the reader.

Plan your idea

No matter how much research you do, your essay must depict your unique point of view. Note down key points while you research the topic and organize them to offer a distinctive point of view that has not been previously shared.


Once you have organized and noted down your thoughts, you may proceed to the actual writing process. Avoid sweeping generalizations as they may cause the reader to disagree with your opinion. Also, avoid using personal statements and base your argument on facts rather than personal opinion. If you are able to do that, you are likely to compose an exemplary essay.

By PaperSuccess At August 16, 2017