6 Helpful Principles of Essay Writing

Essay writing is something most of us have experienced at least once in our lifetime. Whether you’re in school, college or university, writing an exemplary essay is a must if you want to achieve top grades and make it into the good books of the teacher.
6 Helpful Principles of Essay Writing

Here are some helpful principles of essay writing which would make your essays get recognized.

  • Think About The Reader

With essay writing, as it is with any other piece of writing, the reader is supposed to be your most important consideration. You need to understand and know completely the audience for which you are writing the essay for.

  • The Three Act Structure

The three act structure is one of the writing devices which are utilized extensively in the modern essay writing. This structure refers to the plotline which includes:

  • Set up: establishes the basics of the topic
  • Confrontation: elaborates on the basics established in the previous act
  • Resolution: the last act which presents the solutions


  • Attention Grabbing Opening

This is probably the most important and the most common factors known to everyone about essay writing. It is the beginning of the essay which can either grab the attention of the reader or will completely put him/her off from reading further on. Use a dynamic opening statement that grabs the interest of the reader instantly.
6 Helpful Principles of Essay Writing


  • The Use Of Extended Metaphors

Essay writing often makes use of the extended metaphors. A metaphor is a type of an analogy, therefore putting it to use in essay writing is one of the factors which will enhance your essay. This will help with giving your readers something familiar so that they are easily able to visualize it and effectively comprehend what you are trying to communicate in your writing.


  • Details About The Location and Setting

Another way you can retain your reader’s interest in your essay is by bringing your essay to life with details about the location and the setting. Essays can become very dry if the writer solely rely on the academic problems. However, you can make them more interesting by including these tiny details as well.


  • Editing

Very few writers know how important editing can prove for them. Once you have written down the first draft of your essay, read through it. Then think about the order of the points you have included and if there any changes which should be made to alleviate the quality of the essay? Make these minor changes and then come up with the final essay to ensure top notch quality.

By PaperSuccess At August 4, 2017