5 Tips for Writing a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is no mean feat as it requires consistent effort and dedication. Here are a few tips to help you through the process of writing a thesis:

  • Start early: It is advisable to start your thesis as soon as it is assigned to you because procrastination only makes you lazier and makes the task seem unachievable as the deadline draws closer. A dissertation involves a lot of work in terms of research and writing so the sooner you start off the better.
  • Do thorough secondary research first: Before you start writing your thesis complete the important and lengthy step of research. It is important that you do thorough research from the internet and from books that you can find in the library in your campus library. Note down the references and sources of material that you plan to use in your dissertation.
  • Indulge in primary research: Make a questionnaire or survey that is relevant to your task and ask a pool of relevant people to fill it out. The important thing is how you present your findings. Be sure to use tables and graphs and include them at relevant intervals in your work.
  • Write to re-write: When you start writing your thesis, be aware that your first draft is not your last draft. You will have to re-write your work multiple times before you have the final draft before you. Before submitting your work, consult your course instructor or supervisor once you have the second or third draft ready so as you write the final draft after having sought counsel and advice that will help you improve your work.
  • Don’t forget to include a bibliography: The bibliography is perhaps one of the most important elements of your dissertation. It shows your evaluator that you have indeed put in the effort to do thorough research; the more extensive your bibliography the better.
By PaperSuccess At September 14, 2017