3 Killer Tips and Tricks to Writing Your Admission Essay

3 Killer Tips and Tricks to Writing Your Admission Essay


Your admission essay reveals something really important—your personality. However, crafting an essay has never been easy, you have to manage time, efforts to draft and redraft your essays, try new approaches and styles and carefully edit and proofread each and every paragraph before you proceed further. Initially, it may sound stressful and hectic but once you plan and streamline what you have to document it gets pretty easier for you to write about almost anything. Here are 3 killer tips to writing an essay in college applications.

Tip: 1

Just pose a question the reader wants an answer to

This doesn’t mean you need to give your admission essay a definite start, in fact, you just need to keep the readers wondering, ‘what’s coming next?’ This would encourage readers to read more into the document as if something more revealing and exciting is coming up in the text. Moreover, the forward momentum must be created and maintained, and there must be synergy in the proceeding paragraphs

Tip: 2

Make your writing an event of the present rather than the past

This mean that you do not need to focus exclusively on the past because the academic officers are looking for fresh perspectives and insights into the topic. Also, you are evaluated on the growth and introspection you highlight about yourself, which gives a descriptive analysis about your personality, and who you actually are.

Tip: 3

Open up a little more than you initially planned

In some of the instances when writing an admission essay, open up a little more than you actually planned to because this would reveal what you feel about the event or experience, how it would likely change you in future, the value it provides to you, what is the overall impact. But, this doesn’t mean you need to exaggerate about things that never happened or you are trying to make up stories to facelift the image of your essay to create an impression. Trust me, academic officers cannot be tricked that easily, it takes a brilliant mind to deceive them.

By PaperSuccess At September 5, 2017